Life is a Mix tape

I love summer time!  I love having the kids home more.  I love having a less crazy schedule.  Sure, we still have lots of activities, including 6 camps and an extended family vacation, but it isn't the school routine.  I love watching the kids swim in the pool, BBQ's, late nights outside and cartoons in the morning.

I especially love how my kids do everything set to music.  Now that they are getting older music is more important to them.  I am one of those people who has music playing constantly - I have a playlist for everything.  I always have, except back in the day they were called mixtapes.  I have a hundred of them in a big box in my closet that I just can't get rid of.  They are the soundtrack to all of my memories and I can gauge where I was in life according to the songs from that time.  It is going to be the same for my kids and I love it.

I made up a printable for my kitchen this summer that I thought I would share.
I hope wonderful memories are made this summer set to your music!

Download the 11x14 here 

Download the 8x10 here