Much Better Now

I am a recipe hoarder. I love to look at cookbooks, magazines and blogs about food. I love to rip out and print all of the recipes that look good to me. And I have a hard time getting rid of them - I might want to try it out soon!

I thought I had a good system down for my recipes, but my printing has gotten a little out of control. I have papers everywhere! I would try some of them out and then stick it into my trusty "binder" but it has become a little bit crowded. This is what my cookbook and recipe cupboard looked like... not good, see all the papers!

I had finally had enough. So while my hubby was out of town this week I started my organizing. I bought a pack of the 1 inch binders at Costco and figured out how I wanted to divide my recipes. I made a super quick cover for the front and one for the spine and then went to work sorting the papers. And I actually threw a bunch away!

I can't ever find any tabs that you can see when you use the page protectors, so I just made my own. I printed out the label on cardstock, cut it out, backed it with the same color page as the divider and then stuck it to the end with packing tape. It looks and works perfect!

I am so happy with how they turned out! They make me want to start baking more and I have so much room for new recipes!

I chose to make 6 binders and divide up my recipes in these categories -

*Bread & Breakfast
*Main Dish
*Cookies & Cakes
*Crockpot & Casseroles
*Soup, Salad & Sides
*To Try

Each of these binders has their own sub-categories also. For example, the Bread & Breakfast binder has a breakfast, quickbread, muffin and bread sections. This is just what works for me!

Much better now, wouldn't you agree?


  1. Looks great! I might need to go to Costco and get me some new binders . . .

  2. Love it! You have inspired me to get mine organized.

  3. Do you keep every printed recipe in a page protector too, or just the tabs? Love the idea.

  4. Thanks Angie! Hallie and I have been thinking about you guys a lot lately. We need to catch up.

    Thanks Nicole, have fun with yours!

    Jen - yes, I put all of my recipes in page protectors. I like to be able to wipe it off after I (or my daughter) gets it all messy! Thanks so much!

  5. Wow Amy, you are an inspiration! I love your blog...it's my favorite cooking/baking blog. I can't believe I actually know you!

  6. Very cute. The binders are on sale at Costco right now, too. How did you make your covers? Do you use a certain digi website?

  7. Allison,
    You are so nice to me! I think the same thing whenever I see you with your cute kids - I think you are so beautiful!

    I made my covers so fast and easy. They are just a piece of scrapbook paper slipped into the front with a cutout of the title glued to it. I cut out some white cardstock with my Silhouette and was done!

  8. You have motivated me! My stack of printable recipes is out of control. What a great idea! I am trying your black bean soup tonight.

  9. Me to, mines so out of control it takes me forever to even find a recipe and I finally just give up! I love this idea and have some notebooks on hand that I will use until I find me some smaller ones. We don't have a Costco. :(
    I would like to hear the way you have each of the notebooks tabs labels. I am not good at ALL when it comes to organizing and figuring out WHAT to label all of this stuff! My daughter is VERY OCD and is sooooo good at this stuff BUT she stays pretty busy with the boyfriend and work these days. I've asked for her help with the filing cabinet and she just doesn't have the time right now. So I'm stuck unorganized. lol I even NEED to find me a place to STORE my cookbooks since the place I have the small cookbooks is wayyyy over my head and I can't half see them so far up there. Yep I really need the help! ;) Daughter did bring me some old folders they were tossing at work so I could make my tabs with for the cookbook. BUT if I am going to do mine like this to, I will need some more tabs. I was trying to put them all in a 4" binder and it's JUST NOT working! Can't find anything in it like that. All the breads together and the desserts but with soooooo many it's hard to find them. :(

  10. I organized my pre-k projects including recipes in protective sleeves and ran into the same problem with the divider tabs not sticking out. I debated switching to laminating the pages but then I would have to invest in a laminator and the expensive sheets. I was in Staples and held the packets of dividers against one another and found only one style that worked with page protectors. They are made by Avery. They are plastic instead of paper with pockets. They are more pricey than most styles so I actually bought a few packs of the 8 tab style at Walmart to save some money. I found your page the other day and thought about making my own next time but I am not very good at making stuff like that. The next day I was at Walmart and figured I would pick up another pack & saw that they had a 5 tab pack and then I realized Walmart had started carrying their own brand of them but only in the 5 tab. I was so excited I bought 4 packs and it $6. Basically if you get 2 pks for about $3 you get 10 tabs and 1 pk with 8 tabs runs about $4. I think the idea to make them yourself is wonderful but I am lazy and took the easy way to go. I don't have as many recipes as everyone seems to have on here so I am going to use a 2" binder and use the 1st five categories listed above so I will need 1 pk of my new dividers and make a nice cover insert like shown

  11. Looks just gorgeous! I have a little recipe box but with the advent of Pinterest, I have my food boards and never print anything out! I need to seriously sit down and organize my recipe area in my kitchen one of these days. Your newly organized recipe area looks fabulous- good job!

    Nicole @ WKH

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